wholesale Upholstery Supplies – Tips in Buying

wholesale upholstery supplies


Do you sew upholsteries for your home? If you do, you should be in touch with a provider of fabrics of great wholesale upholstery supplies. Today you have many retailers selling fabric for upholstery online. These days you do not have to go to shops to buy them. You can have them delivered at your doorstep by shopping online. Always buy from reputed sellers as they offer quality, unique, exciting fabrics at competitive prices. They have all kinds of options like denims, slinky, linen, faux fur, velvets or anywhere in between. You can have your sofas covered in fine dupioni silks in solids, checks, stripes, and novelties. So far as drapery is concerned, good choices are light-weight prints, solids, jacquards, damasks, linens, linings and such others. The most popular fabrics in upholstery are fabrics are acetate, flax, cotton, olefin, leather, nylon, polyester, vinyl and rayon.

Some of the providers of wholesale upholstery supplies will give you sample swatches so that you can see their quality before you order longer rolls. The top providers have concessions like free shipping on orders above certain amount. They will always stand by their product. Some of them also have money back guarantee, if you return the product within certain period.


Remember the long-lastingness of a fabric is dependent on the type of fiber that has been used in making it. The fabrics vary on quality parameters like retaining color, sheen, strength, washability, and soothing touch qualities. So the fabric content should be tagged with the fiber content.