Things to Do Before You Buy an Outdoor Brick Fireplace

Outdoor brick fireplaces are in fashion these days. You do not have to spend hell of a lot to install one in your lawn. Prefabricated units come for very reasonable prices and are a convenient way to add a fireplace to your home. Prefabricated outdoor brick fireplace kits can be purchased both online or from local home store. Decide the location of your fireplace.

Before you decide on a particular unit, check out the customer reviews about the manufacturer. Inquire at the supplier if they provide installation services. Installation requirements should be discussed in details with the supplier. Tell him about the space size for the fireplace and ask if that will be enough for wood burning fireplace or a gas unit will fit better into the desired location.

Thereafter pay heed to the finish work for the surrounding. You have the option of marble, tile, stone etc. Always check the charges for installation and finish and the contracts before you finally purchase. Brick outdoor fireplaces whether prefabricated or modular should be purchased from the supplier directly.

prefabricated brick outdoor fireplace masonry

Make sure that your fireplace is installed according to the building codes. Contact the municipal building department and get a permit. If you are looking for gas fireplaces then you should know that they do not require logs for burning. Although you can have artificial logs kept in the firebox for a good sight, the combustion will take place only from the gas. Installation hassles are quite less in their case and can be started with the flip of switch. Wood burning units are less expensive than gas ones. But they will lead to high installation charges and will produce embers and ashes. However, they are a greener choice as wood is considered a renewable source of energy.

A fireplace will overall cost you $1,000 approximately, be it a gas or wood-burning unit. The cost will comprise of installation charges and price of the unit, mantel, hearth, and surround. Brick outdoor fireplace masonry for prefab fireplaces do not mean units made of bricks necessarily. They are generally made of light materials layered with a thin veneer of brick to create the look.