Garage Doors NJ Discuss Safety Features Of Garage Doors

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Garage doors are often overlooked, just like garages are.  Garages, for most people, represent a space to park their cars; no more and no less.  More than that, however, those big garage doors  also provide a means of entry into the main house.  Aside from that, like any other door, there are risks of injury in opening or closing garage doors.  To prevent injury and for increased security, many modern residential garage doors in NJ ( available through Rissland Door Co. )now offer several safety features you may want to consider.

All garage doors manufactured since 1993 have to comply with a Consumer Product Safety Commission requirement to have an external entrapment protection system.  This works much like elevator doors that stop closing whenever sensors detect something in its path.  The number of people injured by spring-loaded doors prior to this requirement likely caused the change in rules.  Any garage door without this feature is not safe and is illegal to install.

Another helpful safety feature is the presence of lights that are turned on and remain lit for sometime after the garage door is opened and closed.  This aids the vehicle’s passenger get to the door to the main house, especially at night time.

There are time reversing systems which stop the garage doors from closing if it has not completely closed after a pre-determined length of time, normally less than a minute.

Children should not be allowed to play with the garage door and the controls should be kept out of reach of children. Just in case someone gets pinned, garage doors have an emergency release which disconnects the door from the motor so it can be opened manually.  Make sure you know how to use this feature just in case.

One of the best safety measures you can take is to keep garage doors and garage door openers NJ, properly maintained.  Read the manual and do what maintenance you can – leave the rest to professionals. It would not hurt to use a piece of lumber to test the door’s safety features every now and then.

Just being aware that there are dangers posed by garage door operation is a big help in accident prevention.  Educating children about those dangers does a lot more.